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Associate Professor, Associate Dean Entrepreneurship


Embedded Systems, IoT



Embedded Systems, IoT



Dr. Mandeep Singh (MD Singh) currently Associate Dean of Entrepreneurship and Associate Professor in the Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering Department, Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, Patiala. Dr. Singh obtained his Ph.D. in 2014, and has more than 22 years of teaching and industrial experience. His current area of research interest includes, Embedded Systems, IoT systems, and Biomedical Instrumentation. Dr. Singh filed 3 patents and ONE has been granted in 2023.


  1. Ph.D. in Biomedical Instrumentation from Thapar Institute of Engg. & Tech. in 2014
  2. M. Tech in Instrumentation from Panjab University Chandigarh in 2001
  3. B.E. in Instrumentation from SLIET Longowal in 1998

Experience: Total Teaching Experience 22+ years

  1. From March 2001 - March 2003: Project Officer, CDAC Mohali
  2. From March 2003- present: Associate Professor TIET Patiala

Teaching Interests:

  1. Internet of Things
  2. Embedded System
  3. Measurement Science and Techniques
  4. Control System
  5. Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Research Interest:

  1. Biomedical Instrumentation
  2. Embedded systems



  1. An information fusion based method for liver classification using texture analysis of ultrasound images, Mandeep Singh, S. Singh, S. Gupta, Information Fusion, Vol. 19, pp 91-96, 2014. ( I.F. 13.66)
  2. An application of phonocardiography signals for psychological stress detection using non-linear entropy based features in empirical mode decomposition domain, Amandeep Cheema and Mandeep Singh, Applied Soft Computing, Volume 77, April 2019, pp 24-33, 2019. (I.F. 5.47)
  3. Psychological stress detection using phonocardiography signal: An empirical mode decomposition approach, Amandeep Cheema and Mandeep Singh, Biomedical Signal Processing and Control, Vol. 49 (3), pp 493-505, 2019  (I.F. 3.13)
  4. An intelligent framework for detection of fatigue induced by sleep-deprivation, Jitender Singh Virk, Mandeep Singh, Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems, (I.F. 1.85) 2021.
  5. Early detection of stroke using texture analysis, Singh, M., Garg, V., Bhat, P., Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, Vol. 13(3), pp. 49–52, 2019.
  6. A Systemic Review of Meditation and Psychophysiology, Amanpreet Kaur, Mandeep Singh, Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, Vol 9 (2), pp 212-219, 2018.
  7. An Adaptive speckle suppression filter based on local statistics and edge-map for ultrasound images, Mandeep Singh, S. Singh, S. Gupta, Advanced Science Letters, Vol. 19 (8), pp 2375-2379.
  8. Online Handwritten Gurmukhi Character Recognition using Hybrid Feature Set; M Singh, K Verma, International Journal of Engineering & Technology, 2018 .
  9. A low cost wireless patient monitoring system, Deepak Jain and Mandeep Singh, Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, vol. 9 (7), pp 221-225, 2018
  10. Investigation on ROI Selection for Mammograms Using Texture Models and Machine Learning Classifiers, D Singh, M. Singh, International Journal of Control Theory and Applications, Vol. 9 (45), pp 281-291, 2016.
  11. Classification of Mammograms using Support Vector Machine D Singh, M. Singh, International Journal of Signal Processing, Image Processing and Pattern Recognition, Vol 9 (5), pp 259-268, 2016.
  12. Fatigue Detection Using Voice Analysis: A Review, Sonika, Mandeep Singh, International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, 10 (12), 31541-554, 2015.

Achievement, Awards and Recognitions

  1. Lead the students who won 1st prize in Prestigious Intel Embedded Challenge-2011 in Biomedical and Healthcare theme, won gold medal and a cash prize of Rs 50,000.
  2. Mentored the team ‘Creatif Pixel’ who was Runner up and winner of cash prize Rs. 50,000 under Smart India Hackathon event organized b Govt. of India in March 2017.
  3. Awarded 7 times under Performance Incentive Scheme of Thapar Institute.

Details of Sponsored Project (PI)

Completed Research Projects

S. No.

Project Title


Amount (Rs)

Funding Agency


Design and Development of multi parameter probe

3 years

4.86 Lac



Design and development of Fatigue detection system

2  years




Development of wireless embedded system for health monitoring of ambulatory subjects

2  years




Design and Development of phonocardiography based psychological stress classifier

3 year

20 Lac

DST, Govt. of India

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